5 Steps to Manifest Your Love

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Are You Ready To Magnetize Your Future Mate?

If you are reading this blog, then I believe you are ready to magnetize your future mate!! And, how excited I am for you to embark on this part of your life’s journey! If you are here and the idea of magnetizing your future mate sounds exciting, maybe even a little scary, then you are in the right place at the right time. Since there are no accidents or coincidences in life, I know your intuition guided you here. Congratulations! Now that’s exciting!

I want to retrain your thinking with this concept of magnetizing, rather than searching, seeking or looking for your mate. This may seem a foreign concept to many, particularly with the modern online dating scene, but I implore you to stay with me here! I will teach and coach you on the state of being, rather than doing. Once we become consciously aware that we are magnets to our life experiences, we can literally create our life by design. What a great idea! We have the power to live the life we dream of, wish for and pray about.

You may have some questions regarding this concept, which I aspire to answer here. First, let me explain this crazy idea that you can create your life by design, including magnetizing your future mate. You must understand that we really are in charge of our lives here on planet Ehences again. This is vitally important to becoming a magnet for what you desire in your life.

Often times, most of us have gone through life, unknowingly, allowing circumstances and people to enter our lives that left us wounded or disappointed. Following those painful experiences, we can then feel victimized, which begins a negative pain cycle that is difficult to change. How many people, including you, seem to have the proverbial “black cloud” following them around for years on end? Are you one of those people? If you are, then let’s get busy changing your future and magnetizing your best life yet.

Let’s start with magnetizing your love life! No matter what happens in our world, if you are anything like me, then experiencing a soul mate love is a very strong desire! I was so desperate for that love life, I picked all the wrong people for a very long time! It took me quite a bit of learning before I understood how much power I had in my own life. Hopefully, it will not take you quite so long. If it has, do not beat yourself up! Everything we go through in life can be a learning experience if we choose! We need to learn what we do not want in a relationship, as much as, learning what we do want.

So how do we become so powerful that we can magnetize our future mate? Let me explain.

We are energetic beings. Everything in the Universe is made up of energy. From the blades of grass, to a raindrop, to a piece of wood to the smallest cells in your body. All things vibrate at a certain frequency, in and around us.

  • We all have an energetic field that emanates from us and surrounds our physical bodies; our electromagnetic field or aura. This energetic field contains information about our inner selves, our soul (higher self), thoughts, feelings, belief systems, wounds, traumatic memories and the like.
  • We have so much personal power, we can actually create our experience. So many of us have not had this teaching, and thereby experience life as a bystander, rather than creator.
  • View yourself like a giant magnet, attracting everything to yourself. From life experiences, to more thoughts and feelings, to people and situations.
  • This invisible part of our beings intermingle with others beings. As a result, we knowingly or unknowingly magnetize our “like” to us.
  • Many times we recreate situations that leave us with the same issues to work through and can lead us to circumstances that are not in our best interest.

So, if you are magnetizing things you would like to improve, then we have some work to do! Allow me to give you some information and ideas to start your discovery process, particularly magnetizing your future mate!

1) Have Hope. No matter where we have been or what we have gone through, our hope for our future is that spark inside us that believes we can have what our heart’s desire. Even if you have been so disappointed it is difficult to believe in love once again, I say… Believe Anyway! Do not give up your hope! It doesn’t matter where you have been, it only matters where you are going! Start changing that inner dialogue, from one of despair, to one filled with hope that your best life is coming!
2) Getting Real. Before we can magnetize a mate that is in alignment with our highest ideals for our lives, we must uncover our thoughts, feelings and beliefs that keep us from our very best life, a life filled with bliss. An honest, introspective inventory must take place in your own life to create new, ideal thoughts, feelings and belief systems. Working with an expert in this area, will assist you in this process. Many of these patterns have been instilled in our being from the time we were very young. Some healing work needs to be applied here! This is the crucial first step in creating your life by design.
3) Energy Shift. Once you delve into your own patterns, ways of thinking and feeling, you can begin to clear your electromagnetic field and replace any negative chatter “stuck” in your field. One way to raise your magnetic field is to work with your thoughts and feelings. Do your best to think, believe and speak positivity, healing, hopefulness and faith into your being. Imagine these thoughts, feelings and beliefs are exuding from your heart outward as a bright, sparkling light that fills your field. Imagine your energetic field is shaped like an egg and behaves like a cocoon enveloping you from every direction. Fill your field with love for yourself and others by feeling these feelings and sending them outward. This is a powerful exercise that can have immediate impact on your life!
4) Love Expression. It is vitally important that you understand your love language, and how you express love. It is imperative to know yourself before you can have a healthy functioning, loving, connected relationship. There is much to say about knowing the love you need and the love you give. Knowing this information about yourself will help you navigate the waters of relationships, with every relationship.
5) What Do You Really Want? In order to have the life you want, you must know what you want! Sounds so simple, but sometimes we accept what comes our way rather than setting an intention of what we truly desire in our lives. Be very clear as the significance of these details are HUGE! When I magnetized my perfect mate, after struggling with relationships my entire life, I knew what I didn’t want and what I did. I used all the information of my past relationships to help me sift through personality traits, characteristics, lifestyle requirements, ideals, and every thing in between. I was able to choose the type of man I wanted to share my life with. So, be clear on what type of relationship you really want. Be clear about what life you really want.

These 5 steps will definitely assist you in magnetizing your future mate, I know this for sure as it helped me tremendously when I was ready to finally meet the mate I would build a life with. Now, let’s write your ideal love story!

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