All You Need Is Love: 3-Steps to Finding True Love This Year

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Awe… Love.  There are so many types of love we experience in our lives.  I, for one, have so many different forms of love, I couldn’t count them all.  For instance, I absolutely LOVE my morning cup of coffee upon rising out of bed.  I also love going grocery shopping because I absolutely love cooking for my family and friends.  I love my dog, Melody, so much it’s quite unreasonable for a human being to love an animal so deeply.  I love a sunny day that I can spend on the shores of Lake Tahoe by my home.  Then, there is deep love, such as between parent and child.  The love I have for my children, cannot be described in mere words.  But, just let me just say, they saved my life in every way.  I would not be who I am without the love of my kiddos.  But, this writing is about the other love so many of us desperately seek, or shun, and do everything in between.  The kind of love that can take us over in a moment. The kind of love that can change the course of our lives.  I am talking about: Romantic Love.

All of the great teachers and wise sages have taught us that everyone and everything needs love.  From the moment of conception, the unborn fetus can feel emotions, hear our voices and respond accordingly.  Failure to Thrive Syndrome occurs when an infant is not held, coddled and nurtured.  To not feel love can adversely affect us from infancy!  Heck, we have learned that even talking to vegetation will cause the plants to flourish!  Plants people! Even the plants respond to love!  No wonder we are so busy hoping, wishing, dreaming and looking for LOVE!

We are hard wired to want love, give love and receive love.  We were born to share our love with others on the planet in this human experience.  We have a deep need and desire to experience the kind of love that lasts a lifetime, and beyond, with a romantic partner.  In this type of love relationship, we have the opportunity to grow in ways we cannot with others.  When we are with the partner that is committed to us, we grow together, share in the ups and downs of life together, and mirror one another so we can teach each other.  We learn who and what we really are when reflected in the eyes of our romantic partners.  The only way we can understand ourselves fully, is to reveal who we are in relation to others.

As women, we are taught that no matter what life brings us, our “Knight in Shining Armor” will arrive and sweep us off our feet, make the boogie man disappear and fix our lives in every way.  Boy oh boy.. Disney gave us such false information!  So did Leave it To Beaver!  The fact of the matter is, by the time we reach middle age, a large percentage of adults have at least one divorce under their belt (I say this without judgment, as I am lumped in this group!)  So many of us are left feeling dismayed at our once upon a time dreams.  So many of us have lost hope we can or will have a romantic relationship.  So many of us just settle with someone who shows us some attention.  So many of us take our pain out on other men that we really don’t care about.

The roller coaster ride of the dating world can leave us feeling rejected, confused and second guessing, constantly.  So, what are we to do?  First and foremost is making the decision that you are ready for a healthy, loving, equally mutual, romantic love relationship.  That is the pivotal moment – the decision!

If you know you need help in magnetizing your ideal mate, contact me and I will show you the way!

Here are the 3-steps you can take to attract true love this upcoming year:

Heal your heart.  Before you can even think of attracting a new, healthy relationship that can endure and last, you first must take a look at your past relationships.  See, we all have behaviors and patterns that are, at times, unconscious and unintentional that steer the course of our lives. However, unless and until we reveal these patterns from their root cause, we will unwittingly continue to recreate similar relationships and situations that leave our hearts broken again.  Healing our hearts from our past is the first, necessary step in opening up to the possibilities of lasting love in the future.  Find someone who can help you with this!  Be it a therapist, coach, priest or other professional.

Personal Development.  Just as necessary as understanding your patterns that led you down this path, it is of vital importance that you take the steps toward personal development.  Rewriting our thought patterns and behaviors is not an easy thing to do. It is vitally important to gain understanding of the self, in order to make the necessary changes from deep inside our thoughts and belief systems.  If we truly desire change to occur, then we must do the work necessary to create that lasting change.  Often times, we need support from a therapist, coach, clergy and the like, to see us through the difficult path of change.  Typically this is a difficult challenge, as is making any type of behavior change.  This is the time when we get to know ourselves and deepen our relationship with our “self”.  This is such a special time as we can uncover, recover and discover so many aspects of our personalities that have been asleep, lost or never found, until now.

Know What/Who You Really Want.  It is crucial to be sure of what you really want for your life.  All of us have had relationships where we discover exactly what we do not want for our lives.  We learn as much about what we don’t want from these experiences, as what we do want for ourselves.  Write these things down.  Make a complete list of the characteristics, personality type, areas of connection you wish to share, the paths you want to go down with this person, and the life you envision with a partner.  I mean, literally, describe your ideal mate, as you see it, and write it down!  This is an initial step in manifestation.  Believe your words!  Know that what you really want can and will show up in your life.

This is just a brief synopsis of how you can begin to attract that special someone into your life.  Start the momentum of moving toward your desired result!  It is amazing what happens when you use your own healing and manifestation powers to attract what you most desire!  I know this firsthand.  Follow me.. I will show you the way!


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  1. Excellent analysis. More like this comes from the heart. Your words echoed only what I’ve felt in a rather disjointed way. Now it is coming back to me. Thanks for enlightening.

    1. Hello Sai,

      Thank you for your response in reading the blog. I am so glad you found it helpful! Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more! You can also sign up for my subscribing list for more!!!

  2. Excellent post! I believe that personal development is key. You must first love yourself and make or reinvent yourself into a person that you would want to meet or talk to. You must first be that person to attract someone who’s good qualities you are seeking. This way, we can complement each other and not have the other person complete us. Thanks for your article!

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