INTUITION:  Your Personal Compass and Guide

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“Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way. ” – Florence Scovel Shinn
“Trust your hunches.  They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.” – Joyce Brothers

Trust yourself.  You know more than you think you do. ” – Benjamin Spock, Baby and Child Care, 1977

We all have heard the word intuition and have most likely used it in conversation.  Some refer to intuition as a “gut instinct”, or “hunch”.  I prefer to understand intuition to be my internal compass that is directly connected to our Spirit, which is connected to the Great Spirit, Our Creator.  If you choose to get in touch with your intuition, your internal compass, you will inevitably get in touch with the Spirit that resides within you.  This, in turn, will help exponentially in your life, from making decisions, to relationship issues, to raising children.  The way our intuition helps us is endless.  Our intuition is our Life Guide that assist us in making choices that will benefit our journey here on Earth.

What does intuition mean literally?  Here are a couple of dictionary definitions:

  • Direct perception of truth; fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process
  • Pure, untaught, noninferential knowledge

We’ve all been there.  We all have experienced moments in our life when we chose to trust or not trust our gut instincts, our intuition, and we later realized the significance of that choice.

Intuition is a great gift from our Maker.  We have the ability to tap into our inner selves, the place our spirit

resides, to assist in our navigation through the fog and thunderstorms of the rocky seas of life.  Intuition can also be used as a powerful daily guide, keeping ourselves turned inward to guide us through our regular day.  Usually our “gut instinct” is the right answer.

If you are not accustomed to “plugging in” to yourself, this will take some practice.  Your ego-self, your brain, advice from others can and will steer you the wrong way many times, but your intuition is the internal compass that will keep you going in the right direction.

To learn to hear this inner guidance, there are many resources available to learn how to do this.  Today, there are classes, workshops, lectures, programs and books on the subject of tapping into your intuition.  If this is challenging to you, then I suggest finding the resource that speaks to your soul.  

For some, listening to their intuition is easy.  For me, after trial and error, and many life experiences, when I chose not to listen to my intuition, I suffered greatly as a result.   I had to learn to TRUST my intuition.  I know I had been warned many times, by subtle nudging to make a decision not to trust someone or a circumstance.  I allowed myself to be manipulated by others and overrode my internal compass, thus suffering a great deal as a result.  I have learned my lesson about following the lead of my internal guidance system.

This is a gift, and an inherent skill inside each of us, its sole purpose is to assist in the decision making process which guides you throughout your life to your best path.

Life decisions can be so difficult at times.  We are all are faced with decisions, every single day. When children are involved, even more decisions must be made, but I say to you, keep your focus on your inner answers, your spirit will guide you the right way.  When you lean upon your intuition, that inner, still, small voice, the gentle nudging, that feeling in your stomach, you are listening and in tune with your intuition.  Ignoring these subtle signs can lead to more shadow times in your life, possibly creating more pain and suffering that could have been avoided in the first place.

Sometimes, when major life decisions are at hand, it can be extremely challenging to uncover your intuition.  Your own desires, wants, and brain can get in the way.  There are those times you will make the choices that go against the intuition, and you will be very aware of that decision.  Often, however, you will come to learn in time, that when you ignored your own intuition, your own compass, the wrong choices made your life more difficult, you experienced more pain and suffering in the end.  The challenge here is to, at all cost, trust your gut.  Trust your internal compass. Even if your mind/ego, advice from others, wants and desires, tell you different.  Stay the course.

If you are reading this writing and are a member of my website, then you are here for a divine purpose.  If you gain nothing from my experience, or in working with me, it is this:  learn to tap into your reservoir of guidance; your intuition.  Your answers and direction are available to you when you need them.


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