Get Moving and Doing: What Works For Me – A Personal Journey of Living

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I most want to help others that have been stumped by life, to create a better version of themselves and their existence in this lifetime. I most wish to help people understand that they are not a victim of circumstance, and can create a beautiful life for themselves. I want to help others have hope that they can still dream, set goals and realize a fulfilled life.

I can offer my personal experience of how I have managed to live with 2 chronic, painful autoimmune disorders while living through several traumatic experiences, raising 2 children, living through a difficult divorce, and missing my life purpose completely. I can share with you how I managed, with the great assistance and miraculous turnaround God orchestrated through me, in creating a better version of my life story. I can share with you how I was able to manifest a healthy, loving relationship with my partner, set goals and achieve them, and generally live a passionate, full, loving life. I now live with peace that my children are making their mark in this world and are happy. I now live with the excitement that my future is bright and I am fulfilling my divine purpose. But, it wasn’t always this way.

My life has been complex. My life path has been a bumpy one. But, there was a time when I nearly lost my faith for my life ever being even a minute bit close to what I wanted. I was starting to live in doubt and fear that I would not have the desires of my own heart.

Just then, right when I was about to give up, my faith renewed, my hope restored and love had entered my being. This was a miraculous turnaround, as not long ago, I truly believed my life would be filled with an endless heartache, horrific physical suffering and death looming right around the corner. What a terribly gloomy time of life for me! Looking back, it is amazing that I could be in such a dark, dismal place. Struggling with chronic illness had taken its toll on my emotions. A broken, traumatized heart left my mind wondering.. why? Why? Why? In my times of loneliness, I believed the best years of my life were behind me. I did not believe good things were in my future. I lived this way for way too long.

Although I did my best to put on a happy face around my family, friends and community, inside I was crying deeply. My smiles and excitement of spending time with people always lifted me up for that moment in time. But, when I was alone, the feelings of darkness and despair surrounded and enshrouded me completely. I was a wounded bird, too afraid to fly again. However, that was then… and this is now!

I am happier than ever! My faith, hope and love, has deepened as a result of facing tragedy, illness and loss. Grief and despair made way for joy and excitement for life! This is what I did, this is what God did, this is what I long to share with you!

The following is a synopsis of the journey when my life changed:

1. I cried out for help, to the One, who knew my suffering.

2. I made a decision, with God, “all things are possible”. So, I chose to begin viewing my life differently. I started to look at that time in my life as a new beginning. Although things had come to pass and had ended, I started to believe, ever so slightly, that my best life, lie ahead. I pondered, “could I really have hope?

3. I began envisioning what my most desired, most fulfilled, best, life would look like. I asked myself if I could really manifest such a thing. I have a very vivid imagination, so this part was really fun for me!

4. From the visualizations, I moved onto what it would “feel” like in those certain situations. I felt the love of a committed, beautiful intimate relationship; the peace of knowing my children were headed in the best direction for their life; the freedom from the pain of traumatic events in my life; a successful career as a life coach, writer, speaker, teacher; physical healing from these illnesses; living a life with travel, new adventures, excitement and joy; helping others achieve the same.

5. I began creating goals. Working, ever so slowly, but step-by-step, bit-by-bit, toward creating that life I had fully envisioned, felt and started to believe I could experience.

6. I did my homework. I began online courses, lectures, workshops, webinars, teleseminars and schools. I became a sponge, learning all I could about life coaching, healing, helping others, communication, counseling, manifesting, spirituality. You name it, I wanted to learn it!

7. I started making commitments to life, myself and my budding purpose.

8. I sought out a peer group (friends and family) to bounce ideas off of, and narrow my ideas to a marketable niche.

9. I sought out new doctors to assist me on the journey of remission for the autoimmune disorders I have lived with my entire life.

10. I made a difficult, time consuming goal; to rock climb my way up the face of Half Dome. Training for this feat will take time, commitment and determination. With this goal in mind, I will record the journey of training, doctors keeping me going, the struggles anyone faces preparing for such a large feat.

11. I connect, reconnect, and connect again, to the Source of All Things, The One who has brought me here to this point. I do this by journaling, I pray diligently, and I live with a grateful heart for my life.

12. I trust, and believe in the process of Life. Where I once felt victimized, I now know I am the victor. Where I once was in the passenger seat of life, I now sit in the driver’s seat myself. I look at the map my Creator sets before me, and I have faith that I will reach my destination.

13. I realized, we never arrive. The Journey is the Destination.

14. I chose, once again, to make the most out of my Divine Talents, God Given Abilities, and take a chance that someone out there will listen, take note and learn from the lessons I have come through.

15. Although it is taking some time, I make a point to work toward my goals, each and every day. I try not to get overwhelmed by looking at the end result of my goal, but what I can do to take a step in that direction. Every day, I am one step closer!

16. I believe, in my heart, that my life has meaning, divine purpose and that I am here to help others on their journey.

This list is a short description of the steps I went through, and still apply to my everyday life. Each step assisted me in so many ways, but having hope again for my life has been the biggest game changer! When hope entered my soul once again is the exact moment I felt empowered and excited about my future.

Life is about choices. We can all choose to live in a passive way, waiting for things to happen and change, or we can begin by changing our minds and choosing a new life story. We do not have to be victims of circumstance or situations any longer. Although “things happen”, we can view these events as lessons that will inevitably strengthen our core qualities within ourselves. We learn persistence, faith, trust, perseverance, and so many other qualities that become enriched through our life experience. So, instead of viewing challenges in life as a negative, we can choose to view them as strengthening lessons which cause us to stretch and evolve into our better versions of ourselves.

When I look back at the years I was so ill that it was difficult to get out of bed, while going through a bitter divorce and raising two children, I am amazed at my own fortitude, inner strength and sheer grit that got me through those rough days, months and years. When I remember the difficulty of surviving those experiences, I think to myself, “wow, if I can do that, I can do anything” ! Climbing the face of Half Dome, a mere 24 pitches of 2,000 feet of granite face climbing, seems like a piece of cake after the strengthening exercises I experienced during those earlier challenging times.

So I dare to ask you reading this: Can you choose a new perspective? Can you decide to live with a glimmer of hope again? Can you begin taking small steps toward a brighter future? Can you envision the life you long to live? Can you feel that life brimming inside you? Can you allow yourself to believe?

I hope your answer is YES to all of the above questions! I pray you will find the inspiration to begin living the best vision you have for your own life!

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