Grieving: The Impermanence of Loss

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As I write this today, I am in deep contemplation of the sense of loss we all experience as we go through this life.  Specifically, today, I am referring to the loss of a loved one to the Great Beyond.  As I console my dear friend through this experience, I remind her of The Great Spirit and how no one is ever GONE.

Unfortunately, in our human minds and feelings, when a loved one passes to the next life, we go through a process of grieving that feels ever so dark.  We believe, for a while, the finality of it all.  We ask ourselves these dire questions:  “will I ever see my loved one again?” “is my loved one ok?” “does my loved one know how much I love them?” “does my loved one know how much I miss them and I am sorry for my human imperfections while we were together on Earth?”  This questioning seems to be a common thread to all of us that have lived through the death of someone we loved.

I hope to share some of my wisdom, faith and knowingness, given to me by The Great Spirit, with all of you who need to read these words, and allow them to take hold in your hearts!

*Love transcends.  Nothing in the Universe is as powerful as Love.  For, as the Bible and all other great religions of faith say, “God is Love”.  If God is Love, and nothing is greater than God, then venture to say, nothing is greater than Love itself.
*Love knows no bounds.  Love has no barriers, not even in the different levels and dimensions of Life itself.  Love is infinite and continues to grow and evolve, whether here on Earth or in the Afterlife.  For God is infinite, so therefore, so is Love, for God is Love.
*Nothing ever truly dies.  There is no death, only a transformation of life into another existence.  Your loved one is alive and well.  Your loved one still loves you and is a living creation.  We are a soul living in a human shell.  When we die, we shed our humanness and become the brilliance of our soul without any physical limitation.  We become who we really are.
*Your loved ones can hear your thoughts.  If you miss your love, tell them.  All you have to do is think, feel or verbalize to your loved one.  They can hear you.  Ask for comfort and you will receive.
*Be at peace.  Your loved one is with the Creator and in the Glory of the Heavenlies.  There is no sickness, pain or suffering in the Great Beyond.  Only Love and Joy.  Try not to feel your loved one is suffering or in blackness.  It is quite the opposite my friend, your loved one is experiencing the fullness of Life, the beauty of Wholeness and the joy of being at Peace.
*Have faith.  All of these words mean nothing if you do not allow the stirring in your heart and the expansion in your spirit to unfold.  When you realize these truths, you shall be comforted with the salve of hope.  Your despair will begin to wane.

It seems that one of my purposes this lifetime, is to console, counsel and bring comfort to those in pain.  Usually the type of pain is emotional or spiritual.  Although I struggle with the physical pain of autoimmune disorders, I have come through many emotionally and spiritually painful episodes in my life.  Emotional and Spiritual Trauma became my companion for much of my life.  As I went through these tribulations, I had no choice but to reach to the One that knows me the best.  I begged for enlightenment, wisdom and life purpose.  Through this experience, the gift of hope, faith and understanding of the Spirit Realm was released into my soul and onto my life.  These beliefs are as real as the hair on my head and the blood running through my veins.

The Great One has been so good to me, sustaining me throughout my life.  I give all credit and glory to The Great One that breathed the air into my lungs in the first place.  The knowingness of eternal life has been implanted in my spirit to share and comfort those around me.   I also believe, quite fervently, in the power of praying to The Great One.  Not only will this bring comfort but also, praying will help you feel supported, loved and lifted up out of the darkness.  Even if you are not a consistent prayer, I challenge you to rely upon Spirit to help you through the dark hours.  The Infinite Spirit is always with you and will never leave you.  Allow the doors upon your heart and soul to open wide, and receive.  Receive healing where your heart and being are hurting.  Trust and know in your soul, your loved one has not left you.  They are always near, in a floating butterfly, a chirping bird, a sparkle of the moon on the water.  And, one day, you will receive a beautiful reunion with all of those who traveled to the Great Beyond before you.  They will be awaiting with Love, Joy and Happiness!!

The way the spirit communicates with us is endless.  Be on the lookout to connect, and you will feel your loved ones, including The Great One, with you all the time.


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