Heal Your Life From A Holistic Approach

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Body.  Mind.  Spirit.  Emotions. 

In order to recover from any type of illness of any kind, including your mind, there are these four aspects of yourself that must go through a recovery process. When illness presents itself, you can guarantee healing in other areas must take place. See, our bodies do not lie. We will get our own attention, sooner or later.

Sometimes we experience disease in this lifetime that is difficult to understand or explain. I can only speak from my own personal journey through disease. My story is mine. Yours is yours. But, maybe I can offer some hope that you can heal and have the life you desire.

Here are some examples to describe how our bodies talk to us when we are not listening to what is really going on in our lives:


Example #1:

A woman is in an unhappy, unfulfilled relationship. She is married to a controlling, domineering husband. She stays in the relationship because of the children. She is afraid to leave. Every single day at 3:00 p.m., she experiences severe headaches and stomach aches. She goes to several doctors, only to have no explanation for these physical symptoms. Eventually, she realized she cannot be in any relationship that is not a partnership. Amazingly, once she leaves and begins a new life, the headaches and stomachaches disappear. Her praying, meditating and seeking caused her to have the strength to leave and find herself. Although her guilt was immense, she discovered that her soul was depleted and her zeal for life was leaving her. This realization caused her to do what was best for her, knowing her children would be happier as well. Soon after starting her new life, she realized that her husband was coming home from work and usually pulling in the neighborhood at 3pm on a daily basis. Her body was telling her something was wrong! Although she knew in her core (thus, her stomachaches) that this was not a healthy relationship for her or her children, she continued to talk herself out of what she already knew! So her body had no choice but to speak to her in terms of headaches and stomachaches. After seeking healing of herself and becoming a full person, this woman found a true partnership and has a wonderful relationship. Those particular headaches and stomachaches never returned.


Example #2:

A woman wakes up every morning feeling exhausted although she had plenty of sleep that previous night. As she gets ready for work, the fatigue immobilizes her, but she white knuckles her way through the morning and arrives at her job. See, this woman is at a job she dislikes immensely. She has dreams of pursuing something else that brings her joy, but she feels trapped by mounting bills and caring for herself and children. She procrastinates her dreams and the fatigue continues. Soon she experiences depression, and loss of hope begins.  Knowing something needed to change, she began evaluating her life, herself and made the decision to change her existence. She started reading, studying and listening to those who have gone before her, making changes to live a passion filled life. Eventually she takes a chance on herself and dreams big. She becomes filled with passion, excitement and energy once again. She fulfills that inner desire to follow her heart, intuition and began making changes to live on purpose. The fatigue and depression dissipated quickly as she began making changes to fulfill her destiny. Her life took off like a rocket!


Example #3:

A really positive woman with a family just can’t seem to find success and happiness. She tries diligently, but it seemed to be just out of her grip. This woman grew up in a verbally, physically and emotionally abusive environment. This family secret haunted this woman for much of her life into adulthood. Although she sought help through counseling, religion, therapy and the like, she continued to experience abusive relationships. Deep down on the inside, this woman believed she was not worthy of health, loving relationships, success and joy. She believed she was inherently “bad”. Now, this woman did not realize she believed these things. She did not live her life on purpose. She spent much of her time distracting herself of the memories, inner workings of her mind and became an escapist. She escaped through daydreaming, avoidance, staying busy with her kids, socializing, just about anything. She did so much to keep herself busy so she would not have to face the wounds that enslaved her in the first place. Although she was a good person, the success in life eluded her. Until she began “doing the work” to heal her belief systems in her mind, she could not seem to get it together. She did the work, and found herself. Bit by bit her life shifted and she began making goals for herself. She began taking better care of herself and quit avoiding and escaping what really mattered. Soon, her life began anew and she was able to manifest success in every area of her life.


Do any of these scenarios hit home for you? Well, they do for me, because these scenarios are about my personal life. I have chosen to help others on the journey to healing, as it has been a long one for me, and I have gained many insights along the way! I can say without hesitation, that you can live the best version of your life if you will get in touch with yourself and listen. You have your own answers!

“To Thy Own Self Be True”

Body. Mind. Spirit. Emotions

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