Healing the Heart

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I’ve traveled the world.  I have been blessed this way.  As I journey through this life, I also have traveled deep within myself, becoming acutely aware of what inspires me, what moves me and what I must fulfill.  There has been an aching deep within my heart. I held this dream secretively, except for sharing with a select few over the years.  

As a child, I saw the photos and programs that infiltrated our televisions and attempted to persuade our hearts to help the people of Africa.  I was impacted at the young age of 8 years old. My mother reminds me of the times I told both my parents, I would travel to Africa and I would help the children.

I am not more special than anyone else in this regard.  We all have a mission and a soul’s calling. I was moved and inspired to love and ease the suffering of others.  That part of me has been with me since I can remember. I cannot take any credit for this, as my Creator made me this way.  

I lived a life already.  Raising children, enjoying my life in Southern California by the beach, then later in beautiful, Lake Tahoe.  I committed myself to certain things and supported the children as much as I could in their endeavors, while supporting my friends and community in like fashion.  It was a special time as I felt at home and was surrounded by a wonderful community that I still cherish.

Moving to the Bay Area was such a shock to me after the years in the mountains.  I never really wanted to be where I am now, but I choose to bloom. I’ve learned an inner happiness regardless of what is around me.  I now see the fruit of that move as so much has opened up for me, particularly, this long held dream of mine to love the children of Africa.  

My recent visit to South Africa was so surreal.  My prayers, envisioning and manifestation process has been so prevalent in the past couple of years, I felt at home upon my arrival.  It felt normal and natural for me to be there, doing this work. Even the lodge, where I stayed completely alone, did not frighten me.  I felt the Presence with me. I felt protected and safe even listening to the roar of a lion in the bush. I did not worry about such things.  I was made for this.

As I continue to learn about healing the body and experience shifting in the physical, I realize that healing the heart’s desires is paramount.  By becoming ever present in my soul’s calling, I am brought to more vitality. The heart wants what the heart wants. The soul’s yearnings come through the depths within the heart.  

A lesson came forth as I journeyed back home to the States.  To heal the heart, one must live from the heart and the calling that stirs from within.  True joy and happiness, fulfillment and harmony come from living from here. To embrace your own life’s dreams and wishes, making small steps toward the fruition of those dreams is where happiness lies.  The alignment to this space in the heart connects us to our higher purpose and soul calling. This alignment causes a reaction of doors opening, supernatural blessings and opportunities to come your way. This is your personal paradise.  

As a result of living from the heart, the body’s cells vibrate to a happiness and joy that creates deeper healing in the body.  Happiness and gratitude rewire the brain and lift our emotions. This increases our vibratory resonance in our electromagnetic field immensely, causing our life experience to show evidence of healing by drawing people, places and experiences to our reality that match that high frequency.  It’s all about your vibe!

In personal development, we have all kinds of mindset hacks, mindfulness meditations and practices which calm the mind and body.  These are wonderful tools to reduce stress, create a sense of peace and presence within our lives. I love this and it is a necessary part of our own personal development and journey.

However, I am referring to something else.  Something More. I am discussing Love in action.  I am talking about “being” love. There is nothing greater or more valuable to the self or one another than Being Love.  

I learned this vital lesson in March 2018, while partaking in Amazon Plant Medicine, known as Ayahuasca.  My husband, Victor and I were journeying together, with about 10 other “pasajeros” (guests) as they are referred to in the jungle.  This was our last night after several other nights with the medicine. The journey this night was particularly dark and uncomfortable.  Victor and I had a frightening experience that will be detailed in my upcoming book, Dreaming With Shamans. I am grateful for experiencing the dark, or the “void”, as it has made me supremely strong and unshakeable in my life now.  

This night, I felt the absence of light, and in that process was able to see, hear and feel dark entities around me.  Victor had a similar experience, although a bit different. He really took it hard and had to leave the malloca to get some fresh air outside.  He and our friend, Jimmy, went outside, leaving me on my mat. I remember the feeling of isolation and separation (the great illusion of the ego), and feeling apart from everyone.  Although, just feet away from me was a group of friends, including the Shamans, I could not have felt more alone than in that moment.

I was praying, like I always do.  I was talking to Jesus. He told me, “Go find Victor”.  So, I made my way to the outside and to the bathroom where he was just sitting and breathing.  After a few minutes, we made our way back to the ceremony, where we held hands and lied down on our mats.  Soon, Victor was experiencing more difficulty, as was, I. Immediately, I heard Jesus say, “Go help Victor”.  So, I went to him, blessing him and praying over him for ease and peace.  

The miracle message happened next.  

As I was soothing my husband, the message came loud and clear.  I realized, I was not in the dark place any longer. By helping and loving my husband, I had exited the void and separation.  Jesus spoke loudly to me, “Love in action transcends everything”. That message is the message for the ions, and is the message that Jesus lived and walked on the Earth and continues to do so in the cosmic realm.  

Love in action transcends everything.

When I gave love to my husband, my own personal hell was transformed.  As tired as I was, as awful as I felt in the moment, I went to give love.  When I did that, everything transmuted.

I have clung onto that moment, knowing how profound that message was and is.. Forever.

As I continue to work toward building child care facilities in Africa, I am reminded of my lesson and Divine message.  Living from a place of Love in Action, all things work for your good. All things. So, I ask you: what are the secret dreams of your heart?  What is tapping you on the shoulder to fulfill? What is yearning to be expressed through the depths of your being?

I say:  be brave.  Go walk in the direction of your dreams.  Fulfill your heart’s destiny, and there you will find the healing you seek.

Love in action transcends everything.  


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