Up-Level Your Life Story: The Four Areas of Healing

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As part of my daily life I have the purpose and life mission of helping others realize the fullness of themselves and the expression of their greatness of who and what they really are. However, it isn’t always easy to realize the magnificence of our being in our minds and hearts. Part of the issue we all face, is that we have area(s) that need attention, intention and healing. We all face this reality. We all have a job to do to improve our life experience.

Most of us live our lives in a “default” mode. We go around living our lives in a state of “survival”, rarely taking the time to heal our lives and intentionally, deliberately, create the healing our being is calling out to us to heal! We get caught up in the business of life, our work, families and errands. This is normal. I challenge you, though, to make the decision to heal your life! Get to know yourself better. Reconnect with that innermost you. I promise when you do this, your life will naturally become happier, sweeter and filled with joy.

So, let’s embark on that journey into healing now. Let’s reawaken your awareness to the significance of healing your own life. See, it’s an inside job, and unless or until we make the decision, commitment and plan to create our lives deliberately, causing a healing in our core selves, we will get more of the same!

Isn’t it time you embarked on your own healing journey? Can you imagine yourself being a grander version, happier version, peaceful, joyful version of you?? Can you imagine if you were those things the way you would show up in your relationships, your family life, your job, your community, in your life in general?

I know there was a time when I had to face myself. I could not distract, escape or focus on others problems until I fixed my own life. My love life was in the tank, I was suffering with a debilitating illness, I was raising two children on my own, and my money story was utterly ridiculous! I could not understand, “what was wrong with me”. My life seemed to need healing in all the areas possible. So, there began the intense work of facing myself, my wounds, my patterns playing out in my life story, and I got real. I had to put my nose to the grindstone and do the work to create lasting change in my life!

Fast forward a few short years and I now live my life totally different! I am in a beautiful, loving relationship to the ideal partner for me (we are planning our wedding for 2016 as I write this), my health improves by leaps and bounds year after year and have taken up rock climbing as my favorite hobby (quite a feat considering I was becoming crippled in my body), and absolutely love what I do as a soul purpose, life mission for my work. How did I turn my life around? I began turning over every stone to find my healing. If I can do it, you can too! So, let’s get started:

There are four parts of our “being-ness”. We are: A Soul Body, Physical Body, Emotional Body and Mind Body

In order to have the experience of fulfillment, completeness, and peace, we must acknowledge the areas of our lives that are calling our attention and intention to be healed.

See, we are a soul living in a physical body, living within our emotions and mind bodies, which intertwine to make you, YOU, in this Earthly plane.

Here is how you will know which area is calling out to you:

1) Physical Body.  This is obvious. If you are experiencing health problems or concerns, then you MUST address this immediately. Your body does not lie! If your physical body is screaming at you for attention, give your body what it needs. If this means cleaning up your diet, then clean up your diet. If this means get to the health food store for vitamins, then by all means.. DO IT! If this means, get up and exercise, then find something you enjoy and start moving your body – remember, if you don’t move your body the glue is going to dry, and it will stick!!

These are obvious and should be a part of everyone’s natural lifestyle. However, if you are experiencing something chronic or a disease of some sort, you have no choice but to find out what your body is saying to you. Often times, our bodies ail when we have negative emotional patterns, suffer from PTSD or some other emotional reason. When we ignore our emotions, or our inner voice/intuition, our bodies will yell at us for our attention. I have much more to say about this!

2) Emotional Body. Are you constantly feeling angry? Frustrated? Grief stricken? Despair? Sadness that won’t go away? If you are feeling any of these emotions, then this area of your being is calling for your attention. There is not a person alive on this planet that does not need to pay attention and listen to what our emotions are telling us. The path to freedom from pain lies in healing these emotions. If you are stuck in unforgiveness from betrayal or loss, are suffering from grief or anger, let’s get you to a place of understanding, forgiveness and acceptance. Often times we develop a pattern of grief surrounding our story. Actually, we can become addicted to our pain and the story surrounding the reason for our pain. Does this sound familiar?

It is not easy to go from feelings of betrayal to feelings of acceptance. It is possible and necessary to find your path to freedom. We all have wounds and traumatic events that occur in our lives. How is it some seem to move forward faster than others? The answer resides in understanding some important things about the human mind (we will cover this in the next section).

If you are struggling to find forgiveness in your heart, or are suffering from grief or loss, then contact me ASAP and get your healing underway!

3) Mind Body. This part of our being has so much control over what we experience in our day to day life. Often times, we are in the dark as to why situations, circumstances and people show up in our life experience. What most of us don’t realize is the fact that this part of our brains has an incredible recording device that captures every experience, everything that was modeled to you, everything you saw, witnessed, heard and felt. From early childhood these experiences have been part of yours and my software packaging systems that runs like a security system in your brain. Eventually these memories become the basis for our belief systems. These belief systems then become hardwired in our brain, known in the scientific world as neural pathways. What we aren’t taught and what we don’t realize is that our belief systems become the driving force behind our life decision, choices and experiences. We live those belief systems out in our lives, whether we realize it or not. What we believe becomes what we experience. It is imperative to heal our minds in order to heal our whole lives.

This happens to be my expertise. Helping you discover those hidden belief systems that keep you in the same patterns in your love life, health story, money story or job story.

4) Soul Body. This is by far, my most favorite topic to teach, speak and write about. This is the part that cause the deepest transformations of our life experiences. This is the part of you and the part of me, that resides in the heart of God. This is the piece of us that is timeless, perfect and whole, all on its own. This is the part of you that if you choose to connect with it, can lead you to the deep well of inner knowingness, inner connection and unconditional love. This is the part of you that is connected to the All That Is. This is the part of you that will live on, long after these human suits have worn out. If you are experiencing an itch that you cannot scratch, seem restless in your spirit, feel disconnected to the grander vision of the Life Experience, then your soul is calling you to pay attention. You need to take the time to feed your soul.. whether that is getting reacquainted to nature, a church service, a yoga practice, volunteer work, a new direction for your career, meditation practice, journaling, the ideas are endless. Reconnect with your soul to uplevel your relationship with YOU and your Creator! It has been said that when you connect to yourself deeper, you connect with God deeper, and vice versa.

This is such an important part of our life journey, and such a meaningful experience. Remember, the journey is the destination and the quickest way to healing your life, in any area of your life, is having an attitude of gratitude for ALL THINGS that have shown up on your path. In that attitude of gratitude is when you realign to the magnificence of life. Our most difficult times in our life experience are the moments we change our direction, look inward and in doing so, connect with the Great I AM.

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