Love: The True Source of Fulfillment

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Love is the answer. The question does not matter. I’m not just speaking of romantic love, or the airy-fairy, hippy love. I’m talking about real love. The love that lives inside your heart, waiting to exhale into your existence. Into your being. Into the vast universe surrounding all of us. The love that is one with God. The love that is God and is the essence of our existence. The love that seeks to express itself in and through you.

This love conquers all, including fear. This love creates your own reality, and you become the orchestrator of your own life. We are free to choose living in this energy. We are free to choose living an expanding awareness and consciousness. Realizing the love that is within you opens the door to your soul and the outcome is living a life of joy, happiness, giving, laughter, expressing and being true to yourself and who you are.

What is the point of living this life if you cannot be true to who you really are? Going through life to work, pay the bills, and exist is not our greatest ideal to live by. As we begin to bring our awareness to the gift inside our hearts, the gift waiting to be acknowledged, appreciated and known, our light begins to shine ever so brightly. We become beacons of love. Lighthouses of hope to so many living in the darkness in fear of the light.

We are also free to feel less than, and in turn, feel smaller, unworthy, undeserving, and thus, this choice becomes a reality too. In turn, the light gets covered with darkness. The light is still shining, but exists underneath layers upon layers of negative emotions and thinking, limiting belief systems and fear. Fear wears many masks, and at times, we are unaware of its face in our lives.

Living from love is the first step in realizing your self-actualization, becoming One with your Creator, and becoming aware of your soul purpose in this physical existence.

I once heard, the greatest way to honor God for your life is to live with joy. I ponder that statement, and believe I understand slightly the significance of living a joyful life. If you live a life you love and are filled with joy, as individuals, you add to the vibration of the collective whole, a higher vibration, thus emitting a radiant light around everyone wherever you go. This creates an impact in the vibrations of others around you and their surrounding energy. This light travels to the far reaches of the Universe, as light cannot be contained. Light must be released and expanded. This is the first step in understanding yourself.

The opportunities that will be revealed to you is limitless when you live your life based on this ever-expanding reality. If God is Love, as the Bible states, and we are made in His image and likeness, then we can define ourselves as love, too. What does this mean to “be love”?

Sometimes it is difficult to always be aware of every thought, action, emotion and reaction that we experience on a daily basis. If we can slow our response time down, and feel into our hearts for just a few seconds, the answer is always there. When I feel fear, I have the sensation of anxiety and a stress response begins in my body and mind. I quickly turn to my mental body and begin analyzing everything from every angle, sometimes creating images that are not part of my reality. I start to feel small, worried and lose the sense of peace and security. When I come from a place of love, I feel that my world is amazing. I begin to know who I am, and am humbled by the awesomeness of my soul, my essence and that I am alive. I begin to live fearlessly, and know my life is wonderful, perfected by the hand of God. I have eternal optimism and know there is nothing for me to worry about. I feel God in me and around me. I feel supremely safe. I let go of harsh self-judgments and criticisms of myself and accept me. I think only of how wonderful I feel in the moment and know there is nothing to worry about in the future. All my needs will be met and my life is better than good! This is a sensation that comes from my heart center. It is not words, but a feeling. If we can drop down from our minds into our hearts, through our breath, become centered in the moment, all the worries, fears, stresses and anxieties melt away, and in its place is an assurance that all is well.

Make a commitment to yourself to realize your potential in coming from love. Choose to live from the heart with joy, rather than from the mind with analyzing fear. Accept that you are here for a Divine Purpose and that you were crafted in the image and likeness of the Maker. When you begin to open up to the possibility of the magnificence you are, the world opens up magnificently to you. Miracles take shape and form in your life. You regain joy, happiness and peace. Not only will your life be the better for it but, so will the lives of everyone you come in contact. This beautiful vibration is contagious and spreads at the speed of Light.

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