My Grateful Heart

Jenn Pardo Life 0 Comments

I look around me as I write on this topic, and I think, there are so many wonderful things we can all be grateful for. The air in our lungs, the sun shining, the birds chirping, the sharing of joyful moments with family and friends. The list goes on and on. But for me, there is something derived from the depths of my soul, and it stands alone. The unconditional, unwavering love I have for my children, Jessica and Steven.

My children have not only been the greatest loves of my life, my most cherished blessings and achievement, but also my most significant teachers in this lifetime. For they taught me how to love. They taught me to seek outside myself to care for someone else. Even through the trials of illness and divorce, the difficulty of single parenthood, the stresses of life, the love for my children was and still is the constant.

Many things have and will change in my life, from career, love interest, place of residence, friends and the inevitable lines of time on my face. But, love; this unwavering kind, will always remain. This love is the strongest bond and my source of gratefulness.

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