Overcoming Trauma: From Tragedy to Triumph

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Unfortunately, we do not get by in this life unscathed. Not a single one of us. Part of our journey includes trials, tribulations, bumps in the road, and many twists and turns. For some of us, we also experience some sort of traumatic event that can torture our lives for years on end.

Why? Why do must we experience such things? I believe this is what separates the evolved person from the lesser evolved human being. Now, hold on, I’m not judging others for not experiencing horrific events in their life. Good for them. However, let me clue you in on something fabulous for those of us who have endured tragedy in our lives, sometimes, many times.

See, trials and tribulations reveal our character and whether we have the depth to persevere. The great sages of the world welcome these bumpy journeys because they already know a great secret. The traumas of our lives are the greatest lessons we go through, where it is possible to learn the most, and reveal our true character. We learn so much about our inner strength, faith in the Great One and Life Itself. We become a well of deep wisdom and develop a sense of compassion for others experiencing similar situations. We, when the grieving process is claimed and not avoided, then have a sense of living from our hearts and thrive when we help others. Oh, to be able to help someone else on this Life Journey is such a gift and a great pleasure. But, if you are still stuck in the torment, this must sound and feel like a pipe dream. Well, I can tell you from my personal experience, it is not! The work must be done, but then you can transform your trauma into triumph!

However, sometimes, we can get stuck in the emotional torment of the event. Devastated emotions and unresolved thoughts and feelings are the culprits here. We see these stories all over our lives; the pain of reliving, avoiding, ignoring traumatic events that keep a person making grave mistakes in their own life, and thus, continuing the cycle of emotional pain.

Excavating ourself from the pits of despair, grief and depression from the experience of a traumatic event can seem impossible at times. Often, it seems that events start compiling, adding more emotional pain and beginning a cycle that never ends. For some, health problems begin to ensue and the cycle spins faster, making it harder to exit this wheel of torment.

As we are all aware from the permeation of information to our psyches, we all will go through the grieving process when experiencing some sort of trauma and/or loss. For, every traumatic experience contains a loss, which must be grieved before it can be released. Once this grieving process has been experienced, the healing truly takes place.

Often times, the grieving process is avoided, ignored or thrown away and the hurting woman retreats into herself, addiction, depression, confinement, bitterness and worse. Unless and until the suffering individual can look that traumatic event in the eye, and grieve to the depths of her soul, life will unravel and pass her by.

A choice has to be made: Be present and deal with the issues surrounding a traumatic event, or allow your life to be consumed by it. Even doing everything in your power to avoid it is being consumed by it.

We have these preconceived notions that facing pain is a negative experience. I mean, who wants to feel desperately angry, hurt, sad, rage, etc. when we have to look at something that brought devastation into our lives? However, these traumas, left alone, can and will bring a darkness into a person’s entire being. This darkness can spread like a disease into the body, mind, heart and soul. Life is so lackluster at this point you begin just going through the motions.

If you can change your mind about facing a trauma, you can shine the Light from Above onto it. Then, a transcendence can occur in your being. You can experience freedom from the pain of emotional trauma. When you come to a point of complete exhaustion of the torment, of living with the traumatic events stuck in your psyche and life, you will make the decision to revisit this event. You will begin the grieving process, which leads to ultimate healing.

I say, there is no more time to spare. The sooner you deal with this, the better your life will be! You might also consider finding a priest, minister, counselor, therapist, life coach or other specialist to assist you in this process. The grieving process can be difficult to navigate and a painful one, as well. But I say to you, keep your eye on the prize! Freedom can and will be yours!

Take a deep breath and commit to YOU, and to the Great One, that you are ready to process the pain in your life, so it can be released. Trust, that the entire Universe is conspiring to assist you in this process and that soon, you will live your best version of your life!

May your journey become a smoother one and may the Light from the Great Spirit guide you!

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  1. Thanks, been grieving since November as my daughter and I are divided. Her husband has disrespected me his last time and I must push forward. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. My mother passed 2 years ago and I miss her as well. Thanks again for the process of grieving was helpful. God bless

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      Hi Anita! It’s Theresa here (although it will publish as my assistant. Tech savvy I am not!) You can get through the grieving process. I know this as a fact! Set up a time with me (it’s complimentary for the first session), by going to my calendar: http://www.askcoachtheresa.com and we will get a breakthrough for you!!

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