The Pathway to Success: The Subconscious Mind

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I thought to myself, “what is wrong with me?  Am I just cursed?  Why is this happening to me?”  “Maybe I have some bad karma on my life.”  

Those were the common thoughts that plagued my mind many times in my life.  Do these thoughts sound familiar to you?  Have you thought you might not get the life you want? Have you wondered why your life doesn’t seem to improve?  Have you lost hope?

You are not alone!  The world is plagued with these kind of thoughts that stem from life experiences.  What most, and I mean MOST individuals do not understand is the pathway to success.  Yes, there is a way.  Yes, there is something common that strings successful individuals together.  By successful, I don’t just mean financially.  I know, personally, some very financially successful individuals that were once very close to me, that are morally, ethically, emotionally and spiritually bankrupt.  

I define success as an individual who has persevered in their life to create joy, happiness, positive, healthy relationships and live with a soul purpose in their life.  And, yes, that also includes financial abundance and life experiences that lead to a grand adventure!  

However, our culture at large is living in the dark.  We must turn on the light switch to awareness and healing in order to live the lives we really want!  There is a formula to create your best life!  

First, you must understand some basics about how your mind controls your life.  Literally, your SUBCONSCIOUS mind is at work to create your reality, based upon many factors.  One of the underlying causes of the way our life unfolds is based upon early experiences that mold “stories” in our subconscious.  These memories then have a meaning attached to them.  Once there is a meaning attached to the memory, then it becomes a belief system.  A belief system then becomes part of our anatomy in the form of a neural pathway.  The neural pathway then gets triggered by circumstances that the brain links to an original pathway, adding to the belief system.  When triggered, the belief system (neural pathway) then lights up and activates the emotional body into feelings.  Once feelings are active, then our behavior is driven by this response.  This happens for the good, the bad and the ugly.

Again, we must know what these belief systems are in order to shift them.  Most belief systems begin at the tender age of 0-7, when there isn’t a filter and the little minds absorb everything they see, hear, feel, witness and experience.  These are experiences that are stored in the memory from the perception of a small child.  Usually, the belief systems are formed from a very personal perspective.  Typically, the more negative experience, the more heightened the memory.  It is stored in HD and readily available when called upon to judge a situation later in life.

There is much more to be taught on mindset here, so be watching for my new program, “Miraculous Mindsets: Create a Life That Will Blow Your Mind” is set to release this summer!  

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Here it is:

  • Belief Systems

You must become aware of your personal belief systems that are ingrained in your subconscious mind.  To understand why you don’t have what you want, you must first delve into what has shown up and what hasn’t arrived that you would like.  There are nuggets of information you can use to empower yourself when taking an honest look at your current reality.  

These belief systems occur very early in our childhood experience, which creates this invisible pull toward people, places and things that keep the belief systems alive.  In a nutshell, these belief systems are running your life!  Literally.  Dr. Bruce Lipton and Stanford University recently released a study in which they found the subconscious mind is responsible for 95-99% of the decisions we make in life.  

A belief system believed long enough becomes an anatomical fact in the brain.  Ie. Neural Pathway.  This network lights up at the nanosecond when triggered by an experience.  

It is imperative that you and I discover what our subconscious mind is really thinking!!  

Here are a few simple questions that will help you pinpoint where you want to dig deeper into your belief systems:

Do you have the relationships you desire?

Are you living a life of fulfillment?

Do you have a positive self-image?

Do you feel positive and connected to yourself and the world at-large?

Are you working in a field you love?

Are you earning the income that provides you the life you desire?

Have you healed your emotional body?

Are you honoring your physical body which carries you through this life?

Answering these questions will be a very basic starting point to self-discovery and your belief systems.


  • Thoughts

Your thoughts are things.  My thoughts are things.  Recognizing that thoughts precede feelings and emotions is imperative to bring awareness to how mind patterns are creating your present reality!  In plain English, you must understand the workings of your mind in order to create the shifts you are seeking!  

 The first step to knowing how your mind thinks is to become aware of your thought patterns.  These thoughts are triggered by the underlying belief systems that are running a “software” program throughout your subconscious mind.  

Become the “observer” to your thought forms.  Without judgment, take notice to what is running around in your mind.  Ask these pertinent questions:

Are the thoughts in your mind positive?

Are they loving?

Are they kind?

Are they enriching?

Are they harsh and judgmental towards others?

Are they harsh and judgmental toward “self”?

Are they focused on possibility?

Are they focused on problem?

Are they expansive?

Are they constrictive?

Are they focused on the past?

Are they calm in the present?

Are they connected to the Mind of God?

These questions are a starting point at understanding your thought patterns.  Self-honesty is a priority here.  There’s no point in convincing yourself of an untruth at this time.  This is not about “good” or “bad”.  This exercise is about awareness.  Simply stated, we cannot shift what we do not recognize.  We cannot change something that is hidden.  Bring it out to the surface!  Understand that everyone must undergo the same transformative process in order to achieve the success they desire in life!  You are not alone in this work.  But, very few undertake transforming belief systems and thought patterns.  Fill your mind with light, possibility and wellbeing.  You will begin to create new thought forms in the process!

  • Emotions/Feelings

Following the belief system (neural pathway), the thoughts will invariably trigger emotions which drive our feelings.  

When a belief system triggers the thoughts and an intense emotion follows it, that belief system becomes even more ingrained into the psyche and consciousness.  Our feelings are so powerful when we are trying to create our life stories.  When a feeling enters our physical bodies, the pathway becomes even more solidified into the subconscious mind.

Many times, the thought forms happen so quickly, the way you will know you have been triggered into the negative story is by the way you feel in your body.  By the time the trigger has had the domino effect from your beliefs, to your thoughts, to your feelings, soon it will drive your behavior.

During the engagement of the emotional body, you will have a moment where you can realize you are triggered into the same cycle again.   Then, you have a moment to choose differently.

Ask yourself these questions to understand your emotional response:

*Are you aware of your emotional state of being at any time?

*Do you tend to project your emotional state onto others? Ie: if you are angry, you respond to your children angrily?

*Do you understand the triggers that cause a negative emotional response?

*Are you able to quickly recognize your emotional state during times of stress?

*Do you have the ability to shift your emotional state from negative to positive?

*Can you choose a different state of being, or are you a slave to your moods?

*Are you able to give space to your relationships when they are having an emotionally upsetting experience, or are you quick to fly off the handle?

*What is your natural emotional state of being?

These are just some questions to get you thinking about your emotional state of being.  Your emotions will get involved once you experience a belief system that is triggered into your thought forms.  One follows the other!

The work here is to maintain a positive state of being.  Even when working through belief systems and thought forms to create a new mindset toward success.  

Become the “observer” to your  thoughts and emotions, without judging whether they are “good” or “bad”.  This is to bring your awareness to the workings of your own mind.  Remember, your mind is responsible for at least 95% of why your life is the way it is!  

Once you can separate your reaction to the thoughts and emotions, you then can begin to choose new responses and stories to your trigger!  

Learn more about this with the upcoming Daily OM Program!

We have the power to create a successful life, in every area of our life!  First thing is to understand the workings of your own mind and how your triggers and belief systems are holding you captive and keeping you from your great what’s next.  

Remember this, what you think about you bring about.  What you focus on expands so focus on possibility, not problems.  Learn more about yourself and your brain!  It is the missing link to your success.  

In my line of work, I have helped hundreds and thousands of individuals from over 15 countries and across the United States understand that the core belief systems set in place in early childhood has more to do with their lives today than anything else.  I’ve helped them take their power back from their own life story and write something new!  Creating a new life story from a place of design rather than default programming is not only possible, but necessary, in order to have the life you want!

Learn how to design your life!  Learn how your brain speaks to you!  

Keep reading blogs this summer that will focus primarily on changing and transforming your mind, so you can have the life you want!  


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