"I stumbled upon Theresa purely by chance. As they say, life has a way of gifting you what you need when you need it. By asking questions that cut to the core of the discussion, Theresa focuses your attention to the areas in life where healing is most needed. She works in a way that projects hope and potential, phrasing her intentions and suggestion in a productive healing manner. Theresa believes her purpose is to serve others, and her actions more than highlight this intention. She is a generous soul, driven by a pure heart and infinitely worthy of your time and consideration." - Em

“I was fortunate to have met Theresa when I did. At mid-life, I was at a crossroads. I was facing an extremely difficult decision that would take my life down a completely different path. I was stuck in the decision making process, and was unable to move forward for quite some time. This caused me great distress, anxiety, guilt and many more negative emotions. I was in a tailspin. I was literally, scared to death. Theresa listened to me so sincerely. I felt completely supported during this life challenge. She was always available and able to offer me help to seek my own answers. She helped me have the self-confidence to move in the direction that was right for my life. Her nonjudgemental, easy-going nature was like talking to a long time friend, which I needed so very much at that time. As a result, in a matter of months, I felt confident in my decision and was able to move out of the negativity and into the new life that awaited me. My life is so full now. I am fulfilled, happy and confident in my life. Theresa was a tremendous help to me!" C.A.A., realtor - Reno, NV

“Theresa came into my life during one of the most difficult situations I had ever faced. I was about to go through a traumatic divorce and felt like it was me against the world. I was so confused about my decision, had so much fear of the unknown future, and had little support around me. I was so incredibly worried about disappointing my family, including my children, that I found myself stuck, and unable to proceed with any vision for my life. Theresa helped me to make my decision without blaming myself and she supported me in a way no one else in my life had. Her support gave me inner strength to follow the plan we set in motion together. She was always positive and non-judgmental, so I was able to be completely open and honest with her. In a few short months, I was on my way to a new, happy life! Because of our work together, I was able to follow through with my divorce and found my self-confidence, a renewed sense of purpose in my life, and had clarity for my future. I am now living without the guilt of that divorce and for the first time, really seeking my life purpose with happiness.” Sandra O., teacher- New York

“I cannot say enough positive about Theresa. Our work together occurred during the most challenging time of my life. A sudden end to a relationship left me dazed, confused, hurt, and traumatized, to say the least. I was stuck in sadness, emotional pain and a woundedness that was with me constantly. I was stuck in denial and could not see the path in front of me. Theresa listened with great compassion, understanding and could relate without judging me. Her support was incredibly valuable to me during this time. With her help, I was able to go through the grieving process, get out of denial and look toward the future. She lit the path for me, when I could not do it myself. God spoke through her and gave me direction, great comfort and hope for my future. Her patience, caring and nurturing style helped me feel comfortable in opening up about deep seated wounds, so we could work together to clear them and have a better opportunity for happiness in the future. I definitely got my power back in 6 short months of working with Theresa. The process has left with with permanent growth of wisdom from coming through this storm. Her guidance will always be the biggest factor in going through this life event. I am now in a beautiful, happy relationship with someone who is better matched for me! I am in complete joy in my life and so hopeful about my future!” K.Love, massage therapist - Paris, Texas

“Prior to working with Theresa, I was experiencing such a tremendous burden in life. I was going through the most difficult time of my 42 years. The life event that created me great distress caused me to lose perspective and left me having great difficulty to assess and have clarity of my feelings. The circumstances were very traumatic, and I had few options of people I could trust, leaving me feeling very alone and overwhelmed. Within three months of working with Theresa, I was able to have peace of mind, a greater belief and sense of myself, my self-confidence was rebuilt, and I had much less anxiety while I was processing my grief. Theresa has such a great humility about her, making it effortless to open up and deal with underlying emotions, which were blocking the healing process. She also helped me renew my faith, even in dark circumstances, that I could hope for a bright future. I highly recommend any woman who is going through any life changing, possibly traumatic life event, to work with Theresa. She will help you through the dark trials of life and come back to the light again.” B. A. Ramos, designer - Reno, NV