The Decision: The Precipice of Change

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There is a moment. A moment that begins life anew. The answer to making any type of dramatic change in your life is simple. Although, I am not implying it is easy, it is a rather simple solution. The answer is TO DECIDE! Are you ready to change some pattern in your life? Are you ready to say enough! I am ready for something different!

Have you made the decision before, yet you still find yourself repeating patterns in your life? I know that was a common theme in my life. I repeated certain patterns in many areas of my life, and until I understood my subconscious, neuronal pathways, my patterns continued. I am sure you have experienced something similar. Whether it is money patterns, relationship patterns, career patterns, it is all the same.

Simply put, our belief systems, which we acquire during our early years of development, mold our experiences and become more instilled as the years go by. For many of us, these belief systems lie in a place we are unfamiliar; our subconscious mind. Unless and until we go through the process of really knowing ourselves, these belief systems create our life experiences, and thus, our patterns continue. The faces, places and circumstances may look and seem different, however, soon you find out the results are very similar.

The good news is, once we aware of our belief systems, patterns of thinking and behaving, we can begin the process of change. Like I said earlier, it is a simple idea, however not an easy process. You must be ready to delve deep into your mind, emotions and unweave the patterns that keep you stuck.

I have compiled some information to assist you, as change becomes part of your life:

  • The first step to change is to make the decision to change. You have to know what you want in your life to create the life you want.
  • Next, you must go deep within yourself to understand the subconscious and the patterns you have developed over your lifetime. Often times, we need a support system, counselor, minister, or life coach to work with during this time. Unraveling a lifetime of patterns causes us to face certain belief systems that can be painful to visit. However, this is a very necessary aspect of moving into a New Life Story and creating new, healthy, loving patterns for your life.
  • Once you have decoded your brain, and understand your inner workings of your mind and patterns, you can begin to make different choices, which means different outcomes. Decoding our brains is a process and it takes effort and work. Take the time and energy to do this work. There are a great many programs available to all of us, as a result of the internet. There are professionals trained to assist people in changing their stories. Find someone to work with that you are divinely guided to. This is a worthwhile investment in the rest of your life!
  • Warning! As you choose new ways of thinking and behaving, a very strong error detection located in the brain, will invariably warn you to stay the same. This is a physical response in the brain. See, the brain is trying to protect you by keeping you in the same patterns. The brain is not judging what is good or bad, just what is familiar and what is not. The brain would rather repeat the patterns than to venture into uncharted waters. As you make changes, be aware that it will be difficult and confusing at times, as you will have to outsmart your brain! (More writings on this subject in the future).

Stay the course! Your brain will catch up and your life will change. Stay deliberate! Too often, many of us live life like it is just happening to us. Too often, many of us live our lives like we are victims of circumstance. It is quite the contrary. Although it is easier to blame others for our patterns and unhappiness, the truth of the matter is, we become responsible for our own happiness and our own lives. If you are facing patterns that are keeping you from the life you desire, then NOW is the time to DECIDE what it is you want for yourself. Take charge of your creative powers and discover how YOU can transform your life!

I challenge you to live life on purpose, and to live life with purpose!


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