The Single Most Important Job You Have, RIGHT NOW!

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This is the job for all of us.  Many of us seek to understand the great meaning of life, the reasons we are here and how to have peace and fulfillment in our hearts.  We rush to seminars, bookstores and Youtube videos. We are looking for what to do next, to step deeper and further into our own enlightenment.  

The path to enlightenment can take you all over the world (like it has me), seeking the teachers, guides and knowers, that can help us get to where we long to go.  We travel long and wander far. There comes a point, when all of the outward seeking and learning does not cause one to know the answers to these age old questions.  The journey to the self, deep within, is where all of the answers live. It is where our deep well of all-knowingness, all loving kindness and all peace resides.  

Ultimately, what I have learned and hold to be a Spiritual Truth, is the job we have right now for our part of the process.  Understand, bring to awareness and manage our own personal energetic frequencies.

Martin Luther King, Jr., once said, Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”  With that faith, we commit to staying the course on our own personal and evolutionary development, enlightenment and ascension to our higher level of consciousness.

What I learned during my recent jungle experience with Shamanic medicine is EVERYTHING IS FREQUENCY.  All healing, all sickness, all depression, all jubilee happens energetically first, then breaks through into the physical body and this human reality.    Everything is frequency and YOUR job RIGHT NOW is to learn and adopt new ways of thinking, feeling and doing in your life so you resonate at as high a frequency as you can.  Sounds easy, right? Wrong. This takes commitment, discipline and tons of effort. However, what I have found is how fun this can be! The journey to the self is the most important journey of all.  For when you look deep enough into the self, is where you will find God.

A visual representation of the emotional vibrations of human on the scale Hertz

Start by bringing your awareness to how you feel.  It takes just a few seconds to enter into your own being and ask these pertinent questions.  Several times a day, ask yourself how you feel. Be the observer of how you feel. Give a voice to the feeling, without judgement.  Just allow. This part of the process is to become aware. That is all. Right now, resist the urge to deny, avoid, distract or judge whatever the honest truth about your feelings really are.  

Once you allow this radical self-inquiry and self-reflection, you can usually locate the tie to this feeling.  Sometimes, it can be a mystery to understand, as hard wiring from our life experiences in our energetic bodies can elude where they are “hooked”, and what is keeping this vibration alive in your energetic body.

This is the work for us all.  Understanding thyself. Knowing the underpinnings of the frequencies operating in your life.  In order to free yourself, there are many steps which must be taken.



*Compassion for self and others

*Forgiveness for self and others

*Choosing Love for self and others

Most lower energetic frequencies are tied to experiences that caused you pain and suffering.  These lead to beliefs that are untrue, judgements that hold you captive and keep you entangled with these vibrations.  

Healing these deep, emotional wounds and transmuting the energetic frequency of the wound is essential in healing your vibration.  Once these wounds are completely forgiven, they no longer have any power in your life and you have elevated out of that particular frequency.  It is how we heal. It is how we ascend to upper realms and levels of our emotional healing, mental healing and spiritual growth.

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