The Vital Step to Attracting and Keeping a Lasting Love

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As we approach the holiday for lovers, Valentine’s Day, I am sharing with you, the most vital step to attracting and keeping a lasting love. Before you can even think about having a great partner, you must know how to be a great partner. Now, I’m not talking about being a good cook, housekeeper, physically active, and otherwise dote on your guy, I’m talking about becoming the best that YOU can be, first!

We are always growing and evolving, forever changing. That is part of life! It’s a beautiful aspect of life when we learn we can create and magnetize our experience by design. This step, about becoming a great partner is rooted in becoming so connected with yourself that you have a clear picture of who and what you are attracting to yourself.

Of all the information flooding the bookshelves, Internet and talks with your girlfriends, the most vital first step is to reconnect to yourself in such a deep way, that you actually become a great partner to yourself!

As you have heard it said: “To Thine Own Self Be True”….

  •  By knowing yourself, you will have a clear understanding of your own needs. It is such an important factor in, not only magnetizing your future mate, but also keeping that relationship healthy. Look at it this way: It is essential to know what you need and expect from your partner and even more, to have the ability to communicate those needs to your partner! If you don’t know what they are, then this essential step in your love life will cause potential harm in the relationship, or cause you to pick someone who isn’t the highest, best person for you. Without that intimate relationship with yourself, you will not have that power to magnetize a soul connection with your match. Simply put, you must know yourself before you can know what you want have what you desire.
  • Most of us have been through heartbreaks in the past, but so many of us do not realize the impact of the hurt we carry and bury. We build walls, not allowing others to see our vulnerabilities. We make promises to ourselves that we will never allow someone in our heart. We can punish men for the wrongdoings from others. The list goes on and on here. Part of knowing yourself closely is shedding the light of awareness on the condition of your heart! If you feel bitterness, resentment or anger toward someone who hurt you in the past, then you know you have some work to do before you can attract and magnetize your future mate! Stay tuned here for more blogs on the subject!!
  • So often we are reliving our love patterns, over and over again and are left with a broken heart! We are left with starting over, carrying that pain with us, and recreating our hurt patterns all over again. So what is this all about? Well, not only do we need to understand our hearts, but also we have to understand the workings of our own minds. It might surprise you how much our belief systems and patterns control our very lives! This is an area that needs some serious honesty and reflection to get in touch with the patterns of our lives.
  • To deeply know yourself is to know what you really are: A Spirit in a Human Body, Having a Human Experience acknowledge. When you become aware of the magnitude of your greatness is an amazing part of this journey! When you realize the significance of YOU, and the beauty of your life, you will know your own value. When you know your own value, you will automatically, almost magically, begin creating a different life for yourself. You will naturally draw people, places and things in alignment with your own beauty!

There is so much to learn and experience on the subject of love! It is a never-ending process, so be patient with the journey so your life can feel full, even if you have not yet magnetized your future mate!

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  1. I am in a relationship the past fourteen years we met ten years previously. We ve hit a bad patch in the last five to six months. I have trust issues and a lot of pain from my previous marriage. I ve built up emotional barriers and don t know how to break them down.

    1. Hi Martina! Let’s jump on a call and get this healing process going! Just set up a time – The first session is complimentary. We always have breakthroughs on these initial calls, so let’s do it! There’s no time like the present!

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