Tired of the Search? Step #5 to Magnetizing Your Ideal Mate

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Create Your Best Love Story Yet

In every part of your life, this is the truth. Did you know that you are creating your life, all the time? Did you know that every choice, every decision, every action you have taken, has brought you to here?

Look, we live our lives by design, or by default. This includes living a particular love story. You are  either creating your best  love life, or you are living in a default programming that is controlling you, subconsciously. We are here together, right now, to change that trajectory!  The good news is: You can create your best love story yet!

In the previous article, you learn how imperative it is to  know your own worth, magnificence and value. Once you really embrace this truth about your own “self”, you immediately begin shifting inwardly, and then outwardly. Your life begins to transform in ways you didn’t seem possible before. It will become impossible, over time, to make the same choices that caused you pain and sadness. You have a new inner-strength and new perception of what you want, what you deserve and what is in your own best interest.

This is when the  process of drawing in your best relationship takes a fun, yet dramatic turn! Once you take your “power” back from wishing, longing and desperately searching for the ideal mate, you then understand the concept that we all have a power. We all have a point of  attraction   that, after we heal, we can draw in our ideal partners. We have the power to deliberately create and manifest our dream love story.  This is not just a concept or theory, it is a fact.

After taking the steps to   heal from past relationship patterns,   updating your software system, and    knowing your true identity, you can deliberately create.

Believe, with your entire being, body, mind and soul that your best, ideal mate is alive and well.  And, attracting YOU to their life! Here is the formula that I used to attract, magnetize and manifest my soulmate and greatest love story:

  • Know what you really want.  Write it down. Be specific about the qualities, characteristics, personality traits you desire in a mate.
  • Imagine  how you want to FEEL within the relationship.
  • When fear and doubt begin to speak to you,  observe  the  thought, then travel into your  New Belief System  about creating your new love story.
  • Double down, during times of despair and loneliness, that  you are worthy of this great love  and you will have what you want in this life, or you will die trying. You have shifted from the victim energy and built up your courage to believe.
  • You  envision  how you will feel in the relationship, as if it has already happened! Do this before bed as your subconscious mind will replay this scene all night, as if it is a reality.
  • Expect this to occur in your life. Walk and talk with this  inner knowingness and confidence  that the ideal mate is coming.
  • Use your  faith  in this process to get you from NOW to THEN!!

The  deliberate creation step  is necessary to attract this ideal partner to you. Believe this with all of your heart and mind, even if you don’t happen to meet this person at the market today after reading this article.  Divine Timing  will take its natural course, and remember, the who, the how, the when, might just be the biggest surprise of your life, yet. All you have to worry about is the what and the why!

Once you know what you want you can have what you want!  Once you realize why you want this love, you can have this love!

Where most stumble on this journey is in wanting to know: who is it going to be; how am I going to find this person; and, when will this meeting occur. Let that be. You  concentrate on you, and knowing what it is you want.

Let go and allow the rest to flow into your life.

Then, you are in the  perfect position of magnetizing your ideal mate! Walk in confidence  in knowing that your best love story is happening, now, beginning with you!


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