Healing Your Mind… Body and Spirit…

A combination of  neuroscience, emotional healing, spiritual connection and quantum physics!

We will go on a journey   TOGETHER   to create the life you truly desire!  No longer do you have to live life powerless to create change!








Soul Essence Alchemy

In the Soul Alchemy sessions, we will divinely create a blueprint for awakening the DNA from a neurological and physiological standpoint. We will literally retrain the synapsis in your brain. We will transmute negative energies, thought systems and core beliefs into positive ones.

If you know of someone with depression, PTSD, or anxiety, this work can assist in creating new patterns in the brain and emotions, healing the issue at the root.

Now, here is what you will learn during our time together:

  • First, we will discover together what your aspirations for your life really are. We will draw a clear picture of your soul’s calling and life purpose is at this moment.
  • Then we will begin with the neuroscience of retraining the brain to your new story
  • We will emotionally prepare you for this new story by healing wounds and inner child work
  • We will work on physiology and I will medically intuit what your body is speaking
  • Improve your relationships with greater communication skills

Here’s what you get by committing to your personal growth …

  • 60-minute or 90-minute session
  • Text and email support inbetween sessions
  • Access to special offerings
  • Free digital programs
  • Invitation to exclusive events 


Breakthrough Intensive

This is an all-day, one-on-one intensive with Theresa. This will be in-person, at a location to be determined. This may also be done through Skype, however, Theresa recommends the in-person option. This intensive will help you transform the patterns that keep you from living your best live in love, health, money and fulfillment. During this session, you will discover what patterns in your belief systems have kept you from what you want in your life. You will also learn how to dissolve, neutralize and rid your life from negative beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that sabotage your desires. You will learn tools and techniques to change your mind to change your life. Theresa’s modality combination of neuroscience, emotional healing, spiritual connection and quantum physics ensures a complete, well-rounded, transformational experience. True healing occurs during these sessions as the client’s guides and angels reveal much information for the client’s healing and journey.

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