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Whether you are looking to connect with your deeper self and the spirit, experience healthier and happier relationships, desire emotional healing from traumatic events, desire to change your money story or are striving to improve your health… You are in the right place at the right time!

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    • Connector.

      Understanding personal patterns in relationships, financial matters, health, etc.

      Learn how to create brain patterns that will assist you in building the life you love 

    • Connector.

      Chakra balancing and enhancing for spiritual and energetic healing

      Spiritual messages for guidance from Angelics 

    • Connector.

      Melchizedek Hand healing for physical ailments

      Crystalline body upgrade to restore your being to alignment

    • Connector.

      Emotional trauma release through inner child healing

      Each session is customized to work for the individual! I look forward to being a small part of your healing journey!

    Deep Soul Healing Session

    $169 – 75-minute one on one deep soul healing session