Tired of the Search? Step #4 to Magnetizing Your Ideal Mate

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In the previous article, I share with you how imperative it is to heal from past relationship patterns in order to clear the way for you to manifest a healthy, lasting love relationship.

By    understanding your relationship patterns, where they are rooted in your    subconscious mind    and healing them, you will find it     easier to attract new relationship opportunities   that are better suited and matched for you.

Once you have a deeper knowingness of   THE MAGNIFICENT YOU, as I like to call it, better quality romantic opportunities will present him or herself to you. New patterns, based in healthy belief systems arise from going through this process.  Once you have the   awareness of your own relationship  pattern history, you can choose differently. First, however, it is vital that you understand more about yourself so you can   attract the ideal partner   to you.

Because our subconscious mind controls much of what shows up in our lives, and how we show up in our own life, this is where the work must be done. As I’ve stated before, you will know what your   subconscious belief systems   are by what is showing up and not showing up in your life. I would venture to say that since you are reading this right now, and we are discussing the topic of   love relationships, there are belief systems in your psyche that are   not matching     what you consciously desire.

Could it be that you are not realizing your own   self-worth   because of past experiences and rejections?

Did you have a not-so-loving and functional upbringing that could have set negative identity stories in your subconscious mind?

This part of the process is essential to reveal how you feel about yourself!   Look over your life   and discover where your beliefs about your worthiness began.

We have all heard the adage, “you must   love yourself    first”, and I tend to agree, particularly, when we are discussing intimate relationships. In this   first article in this series,   I shared with you the fact that we are akin to magnets to our life and love experience. You now know that deeply embedded wounds show up in the form of relationship patterns, thus,   repeating cycles over and over again    in the area of love. This will continue, unless and until   you commit to this healing work.

Knowing who you really are is the opening of your mind and heart to the reality that you are a magnificent creation that is here to express, experience and engage in life.

Your true identity is not your past. It is not tied to your childhood. It is not your broken relationship stories. Your true identity is that you are a human being made manifest to   create miracles in your own life. You have the ability to deliberately create your love experience.

Once you understand how powerful   YOU   are as a human being, as a great manifestation that can deliberately create what you want to experience, the world opens up for you! You are uniquely fashioned with gifts and talents, with a personality that makes up YOU. No one else on Earth has the same composition. No one. Embrace the fact that you are a   miracle walking on this Earth    and love the life you have every day.   Gratitude    for waking up alive is a good start to magnetizing new and better experiences.

Begin Expressing Self-love Today With These Ideas:

  • Have   compassion   for yourself for all you have endured
  • Look back over your life with   appreciation   for how far you’ve come
  • Reflect on the   talents and natural gifts    that make up YOU
  • Set     boundaries     in areas that keep you suffering
  • Spend   more time   on activities that bring you joy
  • Remember moments that you   felt amazing     to be exactly who you are
  • Spend time with those that see the   real you     and appreciate your time and efforts
  • Recognize that the “right” person     will appreciate you, make time for you, and see the “real” you
  • Be   confident   in knowing what you deserve in love

You can   become a great magnet to a great love story! Learn how to become a powerful, deliberate creator in my next article in this series. Until then, be a great love to yourself!

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